Tread Plates

Flooring Sheets

The high strength-to-weight ratio and raised anti-skid patterns, make Our flooring sheets ideal for use in a number of flooring allocations, especially for bus, truck and rail coaches, loading bays, kick plates, stair treads and catwalks.

The aluminium flooring sheets and plates are resistant to corrosion and denting and able to withstand severe conditions of abrasion.

Light, rust-free, hygienic and easy-to-clean, these sheets and plates are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated process technology. Stringent quality control measures have made them a standard in the aluminium flooring market.

Flooring sheets are available in 2 Patterns

  1. 1 Five Finger ( Five Bar )
  2. 2. Diamond
Patterned Chequered Sheet

(Five Bar Diamond)

Alloy 8011 H-14
Thickness 0.45 mm to 3.25 mm
Size 1220 mm X 2440 mm, 813 mm X 3660 mm, 913 mm X 3660 mm
Length Upto 4200mm

Applications :

  • • Flooring for buses, trucks and rail coaches
  • • Floors for loading bays, kick plates, stair treads and catwalks